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Trophy Walleye Mission
Catching the Really Big Ones

Walleye come in all sizes and most anglers can bring home a moderate-size fish without too much trouble. The trophy-size fish, eight pounders and up, are harder to haul out of the water. Tournament anglers have many tricks that they apply to their trade. Adding these tips to your repertoire will make you a more worthy opponent to those big fish hiding in the depths.

Most of the large walleye are going to be female. As they get older, they become more sensitive to light and noise. They also are incredibly suspicious and will move on if something is off. Smaller walleye tend to be more forgiving, but you will need to be careful of your approach if you don't want to spook the big ones.

One mistake that some anglers make is staying in one place. If a scale-tipping walleye is what you want, it's important to be flexible and many times to be on the move. Checking known hotspots is fine, but a lot of times you really need to cover multiple spots in order to catch a big beauty.

A large body of water, five thousand or more acres, is more likely to be hospitable to larger walleye than waters that cover between five to one thousand acres. In order to cover that much area effectively, having reliable electronics onboard is key.

One of the best tools for catching big walleye is a sonar unit. Sonar units are your underwater eyes and can tell you a great deal about what is going on beneath the surface. Spend some quality time with the manual or online tutorials so that you know what every bleep or blurb means. It is also important to know how the manual mode functions. Auto mode doesn't allow you to make sensitivity or gains adjustment. To get the best possible resolution, try setting the unit to show no more than a twenty-foot swath of the water column.

There are many ways to draw out the fish once you find them and it behooves you to be versatile. Experiment with different methods and lures used in walleye fishing to find the ones that work best for you. Big walleye are notorious for ignoring one presentation, but going mad over another. Sometimes it's hard to change when the bite is good, but that's exactly when you should.

Confidence is a key component to successful walleye fishing. Being comfortable with your sonar unit and several different presentations will go a long way to catching a trophy walleye. Tournament anglers catch the big fish because they adjust and adapt to changing conditions with ease. Taking a few tips from their playbook will help you attract that trophy walleye you've been dreaming of.

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