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As walleye anglers, you and I have some distinct advantages over our forefathers. After all, our high-tech fish finders can tell us exactly where the walleye are. And, our state-of-the-art boats can get us right over that spot so we can drop our modern presentations designed by the experts who have spent decades studying what attracts fish. So why is it then that our forefathers were able to catch so many more walleye than the majority of present-day anglers? It was because of the attitude with which they approached a day on the water. Their whole strategy was to go after the fish, as opposed to having the fish come to them. They didn't have any choice, because if they didn't catch fish their families wouldn't eat that night. And so because of that, these anglers were able to rake in fish hand over fist. You see, once you understand the mindsets that were used by these ancient fishermen, it's game over, as you're about to find out...