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Arkansas Walleye Fishing
The Best Waters for Walleye in Arkansas

Unlike some states, Arkansas is not renowned for its quantity of walleye. Therefore, fishing for walleye here can take more patience and hard work. However, if you know where to look, Arkansas can present some wonderful fishing opportunities.

Greers Ferry Lake

Greers Ferry Lake is home to the stateís record walleye catch. It is found in the northern-central part of the state and is a favorite among water lovers. It boasts a massive 40,000 acre surface and is home to many large walleye.

The prime periods for fishing walleye in Greers Ferry Lake are during the winter and the spawning period, which occurs in late February and early March. It is not uncommon for anglers to catch a walleye of 15 to 18 pounds during the beginning of the season.

Many anglers claim that the best spots for walleye in Greers Ferry Lake are Devilís Fork, Middle Fork and South Fork of the Little Red River.

Bull Shoals Lake

The beautiful Bull Shoals Lake is situated in Marion County amongst the Ozark Mountains in north Arkansas. Bull Shoals offers wonderfully clean, clear waters and provides an angler with the perfect peaceful getaway.

In addition, it is regarded as a prime fishery and is home to programs aiming to improve fish habitats, which in turn increases fish population and, therefore, improves the success rate of anglers. There are now over 450 locations that were set up to attract fish numbers. These spots can be easily located on maps at the Lake.

Millwood Lakes

Found in the Little Rock District in Southwest Arkansas, the Millwood Tri-Lake project comprises four lakes. It is widely used for all kinds of activities and is recognized as offering some of the best fishing opportunities in the state.

There are over 20,000 acres of riverbed that is covered in timber. This offers a wonderful hiding place for walleye and many other varieties of fish.

Lake Norfolk

Lake Norfolk is situated near Mountain Home. It offers great walleye fishing opportunities in the winter and early spring, because the temperature rarely drops below freezing. In recent years, there have been many efforts made to increase the stocks of walleye in Lake Norfolk and, subsequently, it is now flourishing.

Many anglers find that walleye can be found near the mouth of the river in spring and through summer. However, during the colder months walleye tend to disperse to much shallower waters and can be found in crappie spots. In addition, slow trolling is an extremely effective method for anglers at Lake Norfolk.

Lake Ouachita

Lake Ouachita is the largest lake in Arkansas at over 66,000 acres. It provides outstanding natural beauty, as it is surrounded by the Ouachita National Forest, and is a real favorite among all water sport enthusiasts. The lakeís crystal clear waters attract many types of fish, including the bass, catfish and walleye.

The lake can be as deep as 200 feet in places and has an average depth of 50 feet. Therefore, you may wish to select a presentation that will allow you to fish at these depths.

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